Our Love Story…5 Years of Marriage and 2 Baby Carriages!


Our 5th Anniversary is actually tomorrow, March 16th, but I wanted to publish this post early since I’m going to be super busy the rest of the week packing and preparing for our 2 week family vacation.


It still tickles me when I think of how I met my wonderful husband. So, this is how the story goes…..

I decided to meet one of my dearest friends, Robyn, at “da club” to celebrate my return to work (I’d been furloughed from my airline job for almost a year). I called my cousin, Jerrell, to let him know that I was actually going out, and he decided to meet us there. He knew that this was a rare occasion because I never go anywhere, especially not to the club!


While Robyn and I sat in the front row listening to the band play, a very attractive guy walked in and sat on one of the couches upstairs behind the band.  When my cousin went to the bar to get a drink, this handsome gentleman asked, “Is she your wife?” My cousin abruptly responded, “No, she’s my cousin!”


The next thing I knew, we were dancing the night away, exchanging numbers, and asking lots of questions.  Some of these questions were the normal type of stuff like: Do you have kids? Are you married? What do you do for a living? Where are you from????


(This is a photo from that night, in the parking lot, prior to us saying our goodbyes!)




A couple of dates later, we were in heavy discussion about making a life together. We talked a lot about what we wanted out of life-children, finances, etc.  I made it clear that at my age, I was too old to just be someone’s girlfriend. Since he’d been a bachelor all of his life, we discussed a reasonable time frame to put everyone in his “little black book” on notice so that they would know he was off the market!




On one of our dates, we ate lunch at a restaurant that my sister, Abra, was also working at during that time-Sage Woodfire Tavern. After our meal, we decided to walk across the street to Perimeter Mall to burn off some calories. However, next to the restaurant was a Jared jewelry store. For some reason, we decided to go inside. I tried on watches, bangles, bracelets, and earrings. Then my date wanted me to try on a few rings. I was a little reluctant, but I did and even told him which one I really loved. Unbeknownst to me, he asked the sales associate to write down the specifics on that particular ring.




That fateful night of our encounter was in June. Seven months later, he proposed while we were on a cruise (with the exact ring I said I loved) and two months later we were married!


This is what my husband had to say about his proposal:


I told my wife that I never told another woman, other than my mother, that I loved her. She said that she cared more about the action than the words. When I proposed to Stephanie, it was on the first night of our cruise. I took her to the top deck and told her to face towards the water as I held her close from behind (Titanic style)! I began to tell her, one by one, all the reasons why I loved her as I played our favorite song, ‘Share My Life’ by Kem , on my cell phone. I turned her around and got on both knees. With tears streaming down her face, I told her, “I Love You,” and asked her would she be my wife?


We’ve been pretty busy over the last 5 years. My wife has given me two beautiful children and we are in full swing of raising them and trying to maintain our sanity! I wouldn’t trade this life we’re building for anything. As a team, I’m looking forward to what the future has in store for us. With my wife as a major player, I know it will be epic!




We decided to do the total opposite of what most people do when they get married-so we skipped having a traditional wedding. We got married in our back yard by a minister named Reverend Settles. We received his information when we applied for our marriage license. He returned my call the morning of and said he could marry us at 5:00 pm that evening before his Bible study that started at 6:00 pm.


I then called Terrance to see if it was at all possible for him to come and take pictures on such short notice. He returned my call and said that he’d be there! So, I pulled a white pantsuit out of my closet, curled my hair, then headed to the nearest MAC counter to get my makeup done.


We said our own vows, and once the “I Do’s” were done, we went to dinner. We ate at The Sun Dial and were back home and in bed by 9:00 pm. I’m in awe of how God shows up and shows out when you least expect it. In my vows to my husband, Marcus, I told him that he’s a constant reminder to me that God is real because he’s everything I asked Him for in a soul mate.




The number 11 keeps showing up in my life. My husband and I met on June 11th. Our son was born on 11/11/11. My daughter was born 11 years from the day I began flight school. My mom’s birthday is July 11th and my dad’s birthday is April 11th!

Our lives are not perfect, but it’s the perfect life for me and I thank God everyday for these Blessings! Happy Anniversary my love and I’m excited to celebrate many, many more years with you!




Photographer: Photos By Terbo

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